Beauty Tips for Every Age

When you get older, your skin changes – and you should be your beauty product. A colored moisturizer might have worked when you are a teenager, but it won’t be able to ward off wrinkles when you are 30 years old. When you reach 40, you might even need to call in reinforcements: night, night cream, gel firming, and weekly beauty care. Look, that’s why people buy good homes when they grow up. They need a larger bathroom cabinet.

Why this happened? Three words: hormones, generation and leather. When the estrogen level lights up (during adolescence and pregnancy), as well as our breakouts; When they dip (after menopause) our skin is thin and vulnerable to fine lines. Our skin also loses its ability to maintain moisture, and produce healthy skin cells that cause the light of natural radiation (thank God for blush).

That’s where beauty products and beauty treatments enter. They provide nutrients, help skin cell production. They add moisture, prevent drought and wrinkles. They remove dead skin cells and evil dirt that can cause breakouts. So, which beauty and beauty products do you need now? Read on.

Teenagers. Today’s clogged pores are pimples tomorrow. Wash your face twice a day and never sleep with makeup. Soap dries the skin, so use beauty products – such as facial washing, cleanser or astringent – which does not contain alcohol. Other beauty tips: Use moisturizers, even if your skin is so chewy now you don’t think you need it. It prevents problems in the future, and controls the commotion. If you have a combination skin, use oil-free beauty products.

Twenties. Your skin is the best now: You pass hormonal fluctuations, but still free from wrinkles. However, hours at work can cause dark circles and commotion, and damage caused by sunlight began to be arranged (you can’t see it). Be an extra alert about sun protection. Look for beauty products that serve multiple purposes, eg. Moisturizer with SPF. You also need regular beauty care to peel the dead skin and remove dirt (Hey, the reason for going to a beauty salon with your girlfriend!). At the end of your tweaks, you also have to expand your beauty inventory to enter the night cream and eye cream to reduce swelling. If it sounds complicated, find a brand of beauty that carries the full line of cleaners to moisturizers.

Throughties. Your skin produces less oil, causes it to crack and fragments. You need a beauty product containing glycolic acid, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and keeps the skin smooth. You may also need to update your moisturizer for richer cream, or special beauty products for older skin. Beauty treatments such as deep cleaning masks and deep moisturizers are must-hey, they are cheaper than plastic surgery.

Forties. Your skin starts losing his battle with gravity. Among your important beauty products is a cream fastening, or any moisturizer containing alpha-hydroxy (aha) acid. The skin does not heal as fast as before, so you need vitamin C. The decrease in estrogen levels can also trigger pale skin tones; To restore light, head for beauty salons for rejuvenation faces (Oatmeal and avocado scrub work with miracles) or have your own beauty care at home.




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