Body Acne Treatment: What is the most suitable?

Skin problems and skin disorders are not the worst type but if it doesn’t only affect one part of your body that’s when it becomes a hell of a big problem. Acne is a single skin problem that disturbs us. In addition, it affects the face, acne can also reach certain areas of our body. The most common sites for acne to grow on the individual’s body will be back, chest, behind the head reach the neck, the forearm and shoulders for some cases and the most awkward point will be close to the buttocks. Yes it happens and it’s not the most comfortable feeling.

Dealing with facial acne is quite tense and having to deal with body acne is far worse. So how do you treat acne and prevent it back? People must first understand that acne has a cycle and it also requires a constant and sustainable process to heal and prevent it back to repeat. Acne cannot be treated only with a medication or natural medicine at home. Acne has the root causes and will not be identified only with what you eat or what your cleanliness practices are. For most people suffering from facial acne or acne body, they get this by genetics. Dermatologist basically starts by treating acne by first determining the type of individual skin that seeks acne treatment. There are four types of skin, namely dry skin, oily skin, normal skin and combination skin that is only oily and dry skin.

There are many practices and treatments available on the internet or through self-help books but such treatments don’t last long. When it comes to treating acne face and body, it is important to remember that the solution should not only aim to clean and eliminate acne but also to fully eradicate bacteria that cause acne.

You may have read from the treatment of acne used in homes that might include tea tree oil and garlic. This is of course very effective but this solution is only short-term meaning they will cleanse the skin but will not prevent zits from ever returning.

Acne fortress care must be long term. The same applies with facial acne treatment. Solution or care must be fully eradicated bacteria and keep the skin flexible and healthy for a long time and not only for a short time. Fortunately, there is a long-term treatment that will fully assist in healing acne scars, preventing it over and over and reduce the physical symptoms of acne.

This two-step system contains Minty, washing refreshing granules combined with bacteria against tea trees plus mineral clay products that clean up and cure acne. It is also fortified by Oregano oil which naturally kills bacteria that cause acne.

Who will greatly benefit from care? Well for those who suffer from body acne, this treatment is good for gym fans or bodybuilders who suffer from acne that occurs after hours of training or training. It’s also the best for individuals who suffer from hormone acne breakouts. This system does not only cure acne but also prevents grated tissue. Finally, this product is very good for people who suffer from excessive oily skin. People with skin types like worst acne on the face and body.

So how exactly does this body acne treatment work? As mentioned above, the two-step system consists of one: botanical acne mask and spot treatment and two: washing botanical body acne. The first step, clay-based botanical plant mask will be mashed into all skin that must be dry before entering the bathroom. Clay must be dried for 5 minutes. This allows anti-bacterial agents to kill surface acne bacteria. Other components such as high-class salicylic acid and citric acid penetrate the skin that opens the pores and soften the skin. Second step, body wash is used to remove the mask. Natural walnut shell components effectively cleanse the skin plus invi




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