Can you lose weight with fiber supplements?

Since the past, it is said that fiber helps in weight loss, and this has been further formed by modern science through intensive research. While the best source of fiber comes from food, there are non-diet supplements available in powder form and pills.

The way this supplement helps in weight loss by increasing metabolism. A person’s metabolism slows down because of age or because of an unhealthy lifestyle. This is one of the main reasons for someone who gets overweight.

How fiber supplements help you lose weight

When a person’s metabolism accelerates, the body can burn an increase in the number of calories and fat reserves reduced. Also, the interval in which someone meal is arranged according to the speed at which the body burns fat. This means that the hunger is reduced, and because the urge to overeat is not high, the body is able to take advantage of calories shops that come out to produce energy.

Speeding up metabolism is the only healthy way to lose weight, and food that is rich in fiber takes care of this task. Fiber also tends to absorb water. This causes a person to increase fluid intake, and gives a “full” feeling. Thus, cravings and eat massage is reduced.

Fiber supplements are supplements taken by people who cannot obtain adequate number of fibers from their diet, or if someone suffers from certain intestinal disorders such as Crohn’s disease or intestinal irritation syndrome. While medical professionals usually prefer sufferers to consume foods naturally rich in fiber, some cases can guarantee other supplements.

The natural source of this supplement comes from legumes, fruits, vegetables and grains. Apart from this, raspberries, whole wheat spaghetti, broccoli and oat bran are also rich in fiber. In general it is recommended that 30 grams of fiber supplements are needed by men and 25 grams for women.

The most “in demand” supplements are Psyllium Husk, and this is found in products such as matammil. This type of fiber supplement can relieve diarrhea and constipation. To prevent bloating due to gas, some people prefer Citrucel, made of methylcellulose, basically comes from parts of the plant that cannot be digested.

Recently, Acacia, Dextrin wheat and Guar Gum have also been used as supplements, which are available as pills and powders. Although there is no indication that this supplement is dangerous, the best choice is the diet.

Fiber supplements are prescribed to patients suffering from certain intestinal conditions, but doctors generally choose that they get the supply of daily fibers from food. The reason for this is, regardless of its benefits, fiber supplements do have side effects, which are not too pleasant. Some supplements can increase bloating gas and intestines. Others can be dangerous for diabetics, and may need drug change.

Preventive measure? Of course!

There are several precautions to be taken also because certain drugs have been known to have dangerous side effects when brought with fiber supplements. In some cases, allergic reactions, in some cases, extreme, can occur. When taken along with antidepressants, fiber supplements can reduce the effectiveness of these drugs. Therefore, sufferers may pay attention to increased mood changes.

Fiber supplements taken along with Carbamazepine can reduce the effectiveness of this drug. Fiber supplements help lower cholesterol. However, in some cases, certain drugs can have a detrimental reaction because they can reduce cholesterol levels below the optimal level. Some fiber supplements have been known to reduce lithium levels in the blood, causing lithium to lose effectiveness.

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