Heavy and appearance – two main women’s problems and how to finish it

If you are a man and you sometimes find a confusing woman – especially changes in their mood, it’s important for you to learn about various types of women’s problems. So the next time your female work colleague, boss, a loved one or a friend starts stress or it looks like it will experience a disturbance, you have a better idea from where it comes so you will better understand what they really go through.

Appearance and weight: practically don’t have a brain that women are very sensitive about their appearance and weight – even those who act like they don’t really give butt about it. Actually, men are also special about their own appearance too and can be a little sensitive about it too if your wife, your sister starts complaining about their weight or says that she has a “fat day”, don’t make it feel worse by making a few Not sensitive comments. Sometimes a little white lying can easily do the trick or just stay calm. You can also comfort him by being supportive if he decides to do a diet – make sure it’s something healthy; or register at the gym – you can register to accompany him; or read self-help book to get tips.

Financial misery: Again, just like someone else out there, women are also very concerned about money in the sense that they need to find a good balance between having enough for their daily needs and have a large amount that will go for their savings. It is very common to find women’s characters in films, television shows, even books that are compulsive buyers or have encountered various accidents due to excessive. Not for anyone stereotypes unless women do shopping and sometimes their love to shop is blocking them so they can stay on track when it comes to their finances. If you have close friends or loved ones who don’t think you have a tendency to surpass, try to help him give financial advice – without sounding too hard or truly invasive. Remind him of the importance of saving for rainy days or helping him find a part-time job that can help him get more money for his needs.




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